Cusine - Corte Schippi

The Cusine

The Cusine

The menu at Corte schippi changes each season, its endeavour is to bring all the flavours of Sicily to the table. The authentic Sicilian ingredients, with an emphasis on local products of the Nebrodi, are the protagonists of our dishes, which are rich in flavours, tradition and love for our land and good food.

The dishes proposed tell the story between the food and the territory.

The use of local and seasonal ingredients is the cornerstone of a menu based on its use of high quality products.

Eating at Corte Schippi means choosing original, tasty, characteristic, natural dishes that convey the flavours of the territory.

Jorge Sanchez - Executive Chef

Jorge Luis Almaguel Sanchez is the chef at the Corte Schippi restaurant.
His nationality is Cuban but he is now an honorary Italian, he loves using authentic quality products of the territory that he finds himself in.

He has a passion for cooking with vegetables, which he creatively mixes with ingredients from the sea and land. His passion for cooking was passed down to him from his uncle.

His resume includes experience as a sous chef in Michelin-starred restaurants.
He has a passion for bread and pasta and he loves discovering new ingredients, which he thoroughly researches and studies whenever he is in a new area of Italy.

Corte Schippi Ristorante
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